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Robert is my "best friend" from high school. I grew up with him, got in trouble with him, borrowed money from him, travelled with him, and wish I had gone to college with him. He was my first friend to get a webpage and is now one of the least frequent updaters. These days he is working on a large warehouse conversion project in Oakland, California. I am trying to talk him into letting his friends take over so he can come spend some time with me on the east coast. I am always trying to get him in trouble. Here is his Website.

Some results of googling my highschool classmates: Kyle has been working on and off Broadway as a stage manager. He has also travelled extensively, including around the Persian Gulf area, always working in the theatre. David is married, with a child, and has a Wine Country bike touring company. Tenaya, Alex, and Sophie have a really nice accapella group, Copper Wimmin. Dimitri is also recently married, and running a small radio station when he is not receiving Governors awards for teaching.

Manuel is perhaps the best boss I have ever had. He is also brilliant with computers. Having started with a liberal arts degree from Swarthmore College, he jumped in way over his head on an AI project at IBM, and succeeded. I met him when we were both working at the Rudolf Steiner Foundation. We have been out of touch for a few years. His company website is here.

And Anu.