Chesapeake, March 1998

Come help me catch my breath my love
And walk o'er waning winter's swales
Toward cold clear water's edge
Breaking run together across deadwood
Past clattered doors and windows
Fading peeling paint bares grey
Well worn weathered wood.
Come walk on wet sand with me my love
Hand in hand toward shifting dune
We'll watch the gentle rock of boats
And wait the late night rise of moon.
In this long year of strange climes
The geese and their loud squabbling
Have lingered on northern coastal reservoir.
Terrific storms batter other coasts
Leaving us here in comfort in the passing evening
I'll wrap thee in my arms my love
We'll save for later talk of others, and the world
Thoughts of what to tell your father
For surely 'twas he, once, who loved your mother
In the early evening of a waxing Virginia spring
But look, my love, here comes the moon
First reflected in the tiny cross
Hanging where I whisper in your ear.
The passing of a troubled look
All but unnoticed with the faint
background lapping of the waves.

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